Dennis Ritchie created the procedural language in Bell Laboratories in 1972 to build code for the Operating System, succeeding Ken Thompson's B language.

C was originally restricted to the UNIX operating system, but because of its popularity, simplicity of use, and flexibility, numerous cross-platforms were published, making it commercial, and it now operates on a wide range of hardware and operating systems. In 1989, the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) issued a commercial standard for C. The alternative term for C is ANSI-C. This computer language served as a foundation for C++, Java, and other current programming languages, as well as many common library functions for AI and machine learning.

Because the software is divided into distinct modules, C may be used for debugging, testing, and maintaining processes. Is a structured programming language as a result of this. Because of the multiple data types, operators, control statements, 32 keywords, and built-in functions, it is a strong general-purpose programming language. Once developed, the code may be executed on any system, making it a very portable language.

Programming is more than just grammar, a section of code, and libraries. It also heavily relies on reasoning, namely arithmetic logic. Beginners who want to get into programming usually start by learning C. Python, as you can see, offers a lot of functions and can be run with just a few lines of code. In C, though, you don't have that option. Logic is necessary since it provides a solid foundation for the students.

The C programming language normally offers programmers several features that make it easier for them to understand and develop programs.

It is simple to learn

Strong Language

User-defined data types are supported

Access at a low level

Language of origin

There are several libraries


Memory administration

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