Database Development

Database: A database is a set of interconnected data

that allows for efficient data retrieval, insertion, and deletion from a database and organizes the data into tables, views, schemas, and reports. For example, a university database organizes data on students, teachers, and administrative staff, allowing for easy data retrieval, insertion, and deletion. Database Management System refers to the software that is used to manage databases (DBMS). MySQL, Oracle, and other commercial DBMSs, for example, are widely utilized in a variety of applications. The following tasks are possible using DBMS:

Data Definition: It aids in the development, revision, and deletion of definitions that specify the database's data organization.

Data Updation: It assists in the addition, alteration, and deletion of real data in a database.

Data Retrieval: It facilitates the recovery of data from a database for use by applications for a variety of reasons.

User Administration: It aids in the registration and monitoring of users, data security, performance monitoring, data integrity maintenance, concurrency control, and the recovery of information compromised by unexpected failure.

Data is managed by the File System utilizing files on the hard disc. Users can create, remove, and update files as per their needs. Consider the University Management System, which is built on files. Academics, Result Section, Accounts Section, Hostel Office, and other departments have access to student data. Some data is common to all sections, such as a student's roll number, name, father's name, address, and phone number, while other data, such as the hostel allotment number, is only available to a specific section, such as the hostel office. Let's look at the problems with this system:

Redundancy of Data

Inconsistency of data

Difficult data access

Unauthorized access

No concurrent access

No backup and recovery

A database management system is a software that makes data processing and management simple, efficient, and dependable.

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