Digital Electronics

In digital Electronics following functions can be achieved by converting continuous analog signals into a finite number of separate states, a process known as digitization

And then, to the level that the states are adequately well detached so that noise does not cause errors, the derived digital signals:

• Storage for indefinite periods

• Error-free retrieval and replication of stored data

• Error-free Information transfer

The amazing rise in the capacity of digital circuitry, its strong performance, its comparatively low cost, and its speed have enabled the boom in digital techniques and technology. The need for a large number of bits in replication is no longer a problem the more, the better.

This circuit is built around the transistor, which may be used as a two-stage switch. As a result, digital data is fundamentally binary. As a result, the words digital and binary are frequently interchanged. We'll go through some conventions for establishing binary states and executing binary arithmetic in the sections below.

Arithmetic in Binary:

A bit, which is an acronym for binary digit, is a digit in binary that is either a 0 or 1. In binary, there are various prevalent standards for number representation.

Unsigned binary is the most common. An example of an 8-bit number is 010011112 = 0 × 27 + 1 × 26 + ··· + 1 × 20 = 64 + 8 + 4 + 2 + 1 = 7910

Types of Logic Gates:

AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR, INV, and BUF are the basic logic gates. The last two phrases aren't quite common; they mean "inverter" and "buffer," respectively.

Boolean algebra:

Boolean algebra can be used to formalize binary logic state combinations. Let A and B be binary quantities, that is, they can be either logical true (T or 1) or logical false (F or 0). AA = A ; A + A = A ; A + A’ =1; AA’ =0; A’’= A

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