Java is one of several high-level programming languages that produce software for computers and other electrical devices by abstracting (reducing and factoring details).

High-level programming languages, in contrast to low-level programming languages, combine natural language (any language spoken by humans) with computer words to provide a more understandable and simpler style of programming.

Programming languages, like human languages, have varying degrees of complexity in writing; some are simple to write, while others take substantial computer expertise to comprehend. For Fornication to run, it must include three components. Every Java program begins with the declaration of a class (where instructions are defined). There is a main method in the class that sends particular requirements to the application. Finally, extra methods that operate as functions are created in addition to the main to do certain duties that the application demands. Independent Development Environments are used to write Java (IDEs). IDEs are applications that contain all of the tools needed to write a program in one location. Unlike C++, which is related to Java, Java programs may run on any operating system that supports the Java Virtual Machine. Java is one of the most adaptable and extensively used languages for commercial software and other sectors as a result of this.

Java is Robust because they are unlikely to fail even in the most vulnerable settings. Because the C language lacks this functionality, type checking and programming mistakes remain unaffected. Automatic typecasting is not allowed in Java, and type declaration is highly stringent. It employs the pointer approach to avoid issues like memory overwriting and data corruption.

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