An operating system (OS) software that controls how a computer's hardware works. It serves as a go-between between the user and the hardware.

From mainframes to personal computers and embedded devices, multiple operating systems are designed for different sorts of systems. Microsoft's Windows, Linux, and Mac OS are three of the most popular operating systems on the market today. Because an operating system is extremely complicated, it must be developed and built piece by piece. An operating system is designed with exceptional fragility, from input-output activities to user interface designs, because design flaws cannot be rectified rapidly due to its complexity.

Operating systems currently provide a wide range of services to end-users. Before, older operating systems couldn't handle mouse actions like basic clicks and drag-and-drop. Present-day operating systems can now enable a wide range of user-computer interactions, including voice recognition.

However, support for multimedia systems is one of the most notable elements of an operating system.

Apart from the conventional "office-related" features given by an OS, most of today's users are more focused on their music and video files running at the greatest quality possible, their DVD movies running smoothly, and their YouTube online streaming going smoothly. Multimedia files include pictures, music, and video.

Continuous media requires operating systems to fulfill specified rate and timing criteria. These assurances are sometimes referred to as Quality-of-Service guarantees (QoS). Operating systems offer the majority of support for multimedia applications. As a result, OS developers must design unique services for multimedia system operations. According to Moorthy, the current trend in multimedia systems on OS is as follows: Quick CPUs, huge and reasonably fast primary and secondary storage, and adequate network bandwidth make up today's gear.

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