If you have worked with any other programming language and have come to know a bit about Java coding, then you are already familiar with the syntax of its different language. So the purpose of this article is just to make you understand the coding habits, decision making process and reasoning of a Java programmer when they write or code in Java language.

About Java Programming

Java programming is the easiest and most powerful way to write applications for many web development platforms like Android, Windows, iPhone and more. Java programs were designed by Sun Microsystems in 1995 when they wanted to make a cross-platform (platforms other than MS-DOS or Microsoft Windows). Since Java became popular in the late 1990 s , new versions of it are released almost every year. Today there is an overwhelming number of developers making use of this language technology in their daily lives.

The Java Programming language cannot be used to write a Windows program, as it runs on a different platform. So there is no need for any special Java compiler or development kit to create Windows programs. The code can be written in simple text editor like notepad or with any other programmer friendly editors like Netbeans, Eclipse or you can use Java source file (.java) for the code and compile it using one of the available Java compilers, it will create an executable file (.exe).

Java is robust because it can function in even the most vulnerable settings. The C language lacks this functionality, so type checking and programming mistakes remain unaffected. Automatic type casting is not allowed in Java, and type declaration is highly stringent. It employs a pointer approach to avoid issues like memory overwriting and data corruption.

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