An Operating system (OS) is a computer program that enables the computer hardware to communicate and operate with the computer software. The three most common types of operating systems are Windows, Mac, and Linux. Windows is the most popular type of operating system in the world and is made by Microsoft. Mac is made by Apple and is popular among people who prefer a simpler interface.

Operating systems automatically carry out routine tasks, such as receiving data from the keyboard, decoding it, and displaying it on a screen. They also automatically process files stored on the disk and peripheral devices such as disk drives and printers. The more advanced the features offered, the more information one can keep track of and organise. One system can function as both a network and communications hub, can easily manage network security, and can provide a way to develop the presence of multiple logical systems.

Operating system software is a system that enables different hardware components and resources to communicate with one another and provides common programs for computer hardware and software.

Some popular office related features given by Operating System are:
  1. File Management: All operating systems provide a basic file manager that allows users to create, delete, copy, and move files. Some operating systems also include more advanced file management features, such as the ability to search for files based on certain criteria.
  2. Window Management: Most operating systems include a window manager, which allows users to open and close windows on the screen. Some window managers also allow users to resize and move windows around on the screen.
  3. Print Management: All operating systems include basic print management features, such as the ability to add printers and set printer preferences.

Multimedia applications' requirement for an operating system implies that most media systems must be operated at the predetermined rate and quality. These are also referred to as Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees. These systems typically provide the majority of support for multimedia applications. OS developers are now required to design unique functions for multimedia system operations. According to Tanfun, the evolving pattern of multimedia systems on OS includes the unification and quick emergence of express CPUs, huge and reasonably fast both secondary and main storage, and adequate network bandwidth.

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