Programming is "Instructing the computer". This is what allows you to create software that can be used to perform various tasks. By giving the computer a set of instructions, you can make it do just about anything you want.

Many students nowadays desire to major in Computer Science to work for their ideal tech business, such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or Apple.

Programming does "Instruct the computer": simply means giving it a set of instructions expressed in a language that the machine understands. The instructions might be in a variety of formats. Computers can understand instructions written in a programming language with a certain syntax. "Perform numerous tasks": the tasks might be simple, like the ones we mentioned before (adding two numbers, rounding off a number), or complex, like the ones we described above (adding two numbers, rounding off a number).

After learning so much about programming, the key issue is why should you learn computer programming in the first place. Let us look into why:

Programming is fun:

you may use it to create your games, a personal blog/profile page, a social networking site like Facebook, a search engine such as Google, or an e-commerce platform such as Amazon. Imagine creating your own game, releasing it on the Play Store, and seeing it receive tens of thousands of downloads!

A Technology Company's Backbone:

Giant computer programs built with the cooperation of thousands of competent programmers are the backbones of today's technological giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and many more. Knowing programming may help you start the next big tech firm if you have the correct business sense.

Good salary:

Computer programmers are paid exceptionally well practically everywhere around the globe. Every year, top programmers in Silicon Valley earn millions of dollars. Several companies offer starting salaries of up to $150,000 per year.

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