Testing is an important aspect of the software development life cycle, and new developments in software engineering show that this activity is important throughout the development process.

Testing activities should begin with the requirements specification stage, with the development and refinement of test cases, and continue through the various development steps, including the code-level stage, where the test cases are eventually executed, and even after deployment, with the logging and analysis of operational usage data and customer, reported failures.

Testing is a difficult activity that entails several difficult tasks, the most difficult of which is generating an acceptable set of test cases using a practical and cost-effective test selection approach. However, test selection is only the beginning; many other crucial activities confront test practitioners with technical and conceptual challenges (which are undoubtedly underrepresented in the literature):

the ability to run the selected tests (in a controlled host environment, or even worse, in the tight target environment of an embedded system); deciding whether the test result is acceptable or not (this is referred to as the test oracle problem); and, if not, evaluating the impact of the failure and determining both the direct and indirect causes (via Root Cause Analysis).

A piece of software can be tested to achieve a variety of more specific objectives, all of which are meant to increase confidence, such as exposing potential design flaws or deviations from user requirements, measuring operational reliability, evaluating performance characteristics, and so on; different techniques can be used to serve each specific objective.

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